Normatov Sarvar G.

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Normatov Sarvar G.

Normatov Sarvar G.


About the Doctor

Position Neurosurgeon
Department Consultative-diagnostic, inpatient
Area of Specialization
  • Removal of all types of intervertebral hernias through microsurgery and endoscopy;
  • Scoliosis, reconstruction with metal structures for spinal traumas;
  • Nucleoplasty;
  • Denervation and transforaminal blocks for spinal pain syndromes;
  • Navigational surgeries for hemorrhagic stroke;
  • 3D cranioplasty;
  • Treatment of traumas and congenital pathologies of the lower and upper jaws;
  • Operative and conservative treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.
Category 1st
Work Experience since 2009

Education and Professional Development

2002-2009 Khorezm Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy (General Medicine).
2009-2011 Residency in Neurosurgery.
2021 Course in Endoscopic Intervention (UBE) in Bursa, Turkey.
2021 Course in Spiral Endoscopy (TESSYS) in Krasnodar, Russia.