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No need to travel to different places in search of the necessary specialist. They are all gathered in one place - in our clinic!

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Private Clinic in Uzbekistan (Urgench)

clinic in Uzbekistan

Best Service, Doctors, State-of-the-Art Equipment for Your Health

Our clinic is designed to meet any needs for high-quality medical care.

Experienced doctors from Russia and Uzbekistan, cutting-edge equipment, comfortable rooms, European service, and complete confidentiality for you!

For the convenience of our patients, we have opened a branch in Tashkent. Now, residents and guests of the capital can receive high-quality medical services without leaving the city.

In our clinic, there are numerous departments

SurgeMed is a multi-profile clinic, which means that in one place, you can receive comprehensive medical care. A robust diagnostic infrastructure and laboratory research are backed by the vast experience of our doctors in various specialties.

Laboratory Research and Diagnostics

Detecting any ailment begins with diagnostics. The powerful laboratory complex of our medical center will help our patients to undergo all tests without leaving the clinic and promptly receive results.

Analysis results can be obtained either on-site or remotely, using email.


Our clinic offers individualized treatment by a team of highly qualified specialists from Russia and Uzbekistan.

Plastic Surgery

Our team of plastic surgeons possesses unique skills and experience to restore and rejuvenate your appearance.

Full Range of Dental Services

We provide both emergency and planned assistance to adults and children related to dental diseases and injuries, facial and jaw surgery.

From surgical procedures to implant placement, from cavity treatment to prevention - all in one place, quickly and qualitatively.

The Best Surgical Care - at SurgeMed Clinic!

The experience and golden hands of the top surgeons from Russia and Uzbekistan allow us to offer our patients a wide range of surgical assistance: from outpatient day surgery to bariatric surgery, from joint replacement to thoracic surgery, including correction of chest defects, a vast array of plastic surgeries, and much, much more.

Your healing is a matter of your desire

Our Doctors

An international team of doctors with experience worldwide is our significant advantage over most clinics in Uzbekistan. Our patients have a unique opportunity to receive world-class medical care!