Hayaliyev Rustem Y.

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Hayaliyev Rustem Yakubovich

Hayaliyev Rustem Y.

Pulmonologist, Thoracic Surgeon

About the Doctor

Position General Surgeon, Thoracic Surgeon
Department Consultative-diagnostic, inpatient
Area of Specialization
  • Treatment of chest pain differentiation, unexplained hemoptysis.
  • Treatment of lung and mediastinal oncological diseases.
  • Treatment of a full range of lung and mediastinal pathologies.
  • Treatment of congenital diseases of the chest organs (dermoid cysts, celomic cysts, sequestration, polycystosis, enterogenous cysts, teratomas, hypoplasia of the lungs simple and cystic, Zivert-Cartagena syndrome, arteriovenous malformations).
  • Treatment of bronchial asthma and COPD.
  • Treatment of Covid-19 and its complications.
  • Treatment of pneumonia, pleuritis.
  • Treatment of tuberculosis.
  • Treatment of traumatic chest injuries, consequences of previous surgeries on the chest organs.
  • Treatment of Raynaud's syndrome.
  • Treatment of weak zone hernias of the diaphragm.
  • Treatment of parasitic diseases (echinococcosis, alveococcosis).
  • Treatment of stenotic diseases of the trachea and bronchi.
  • Treatment of aspergillosis.
Category High, Doctor of Medical Sciences (Uzbekistan), Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery and Transplantology at Tashkent Medical Academy
Years of Experience Since 2001

Education and Professional Development

1995 - 2001 TashGosMI-1, Master's Degree in Thoracic Surgery
2001-2020 Professional Development at TashIUV, TMA, United Kingdom (London)